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    DLP policy only works on Local Adminsitrator accounts

      Hi Everyone


      I am having a problem with DLP Policy ad I hopesome DLP Whizz has encountered and overcome this problem before.


      We are using ePO 4.0 and DLP 3.0. Client Machines are Vista Business Editon.


      The policy  only seems to work when the logged on user on Client machine is a member of Local Administrator Group. I am sure the PCs have the policy - when I sign on to a PC I have the Manual Tagging feature enabled which I would not have if the policy wasnt there. But the reaction rules only work when I elevate my user to a local admin.


      I am using Location based tagging on a particular folder and assignoing a number of rules to the content therin. Rules that do not wotrk whn ordinary user include printing protection rules and email protection rules. I cannot try any Device Protection rules becaue we are in a production environment now.


      processes running on PCs related to DLP are


      Processs          User Name                Description

      fcag.exe           [Logged on user]        McAfee DLP Agent

      fcags.exe         SYSTEM                   McAfee DLP Agent Service

      fcagswd.exe     SYSTEM                   McAfee DLP Agent Service

      fcagte.exe        [Logged on user]        McAfee fcagte




      If anyone has come across this before - please help. This is doing my head in!


      Best wishes