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    Windows 7 and Agent 4.0 Patch 3



      Apologies if this has already been discussed but I cant find a relevant post.


      The majority of my Agent 4.0 Patch 3 installs on Windows 7 appear to be installing as the user who setup Windows 7, for example 'Admin'. If I look at the machine properties in ePO, it does not show logged on user (eg domain\username) but 'Admin'. The policies are not applying correctly and VirusScan is not updating properly. I have all the latest Patches and ePO Extensions.


      Has anyone come across this and, if so, is there a fix?



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          Attila Polinger



          I'm afraid your problems need separate investigations as they are different. Policy enforcement (or other ePO server - agent communication) related problems show up in the McAfee agent log (also see debug logs: current or backup).

          You can access the agent log via the browser log UI: http://hostname:8081 (this only works if you enabled remote access to agent logs centrally in ePO and this policy successfuly enforced on clients - otherwise you have to manually look for agent_hostname.log/xml on clients)


          Update problems show up in two different log files, depending on whether the update is taken place via default AutUpdate or a managed ePO update task.

          Having a managed update task is not promptly showing in VirusScan console, only after you enable the Show managed task in VirusScan console option in ePO-McAfee agent policy.


          /Also, just out of curiosity, what method do you employ to install the mcafee agent on computers? for example on new computers../