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    agent update vs frame package updates


      I'm new here learning on the job. I was told to install(end user) VSE and then install the 3-4 frame package updates so that VSE will update from the EPO server. The question I have is...what is the difference between a frame package updates and the epo agent 4.5 that I downloaded?

      I noticed the epo agent 4.5 folder has a frame package update in the folder. Would I be able to install the agent and it would point the computer to the EPO server? Does the agent only work if the agent is installed on the epo server? Do the frame package updates come from the different epo agent versions? Is the Frame package just a partial file of the epo agent?


      If anyone could shed some light for me, I would greatly appreciate it. I'm trying to find articles from the knowledgebase but am not having much luck. Thanks.



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          The agent you download from the website will not point your VSE install to the EPO server. You need the FramePkg.exe that is located on the EPO server so that the correct sitelist.xml will be installed.


          If you get onto your EPO server and navigate to your Agent folder, it will be located in the C:\Program Files\McAfee\ePolicy Orchestrator\DB\Software\Current\EPOAGENT*\Install\0409


          -I am still running the Agent version 4.0 so my EPOAGENT folder still reads EPOAGENT3000, I'm not sure about 4.5 yet.


          In there you will find the FramePkg.exe file you will need to use to install the proper agent that will supply the sitelist.xml that will point to your EPO server and repositories.

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            Ohh okay...so I'm assuming there is no point in installing the epo agent on a end user computer. I understand that the epo agent communicates with the epo server.

            If the VSE already has the epo server in the repository, does that mean it doesn't need any more frame package updates? Does it mean there is already an epo agent installed on the end user computer? Is there a way to check to see if there is an epo agent installed on the end user computer....from the end user computer?


            Thanks for the quick reply. =)

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              Yes, you do need to install that McAfee Agent. When you install VSE, it only installs the updater, it will not point you to the EPO server. In my environment, all we install is the McAfee Agent, a few minutes after it is installed, it makes its' first communication to the EPO server and it automatically gets a task from the server that makes it install VSE. Until you get a task like that setup, you will need to make sure you have the agent installed that you get from that directory on the server so that you computers are put into a Managed status by your EPO server.

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                Gotcha. "You will need to make sure you have the agent installed that you get from that directory on the server". One more question, if you don't mind....is the FramePkg.exe  IS the agent correct? In other words, when I install the FramePkg. on the end user....it is installing the epo agent 3.6 from the directory on the server correct?

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                  Make sure the exe you are using is pulled from the directory I listed above. I would also recommend you consider moving to a different version of the McAfee agent if you are using the 3.6 agent. It has hit its' end of life and there are known issues in it that will not be addressed. I would recommend looking into moving to at least the McAfee Agent 4.0 patch 3 if not fully moving to the 4.5 agent. I understand you are new to this and learning as you go, but since you are just coming into it, it is probably the best time for you to push to move towards the newer software packages that are offered. When I took over this job, we were using EPO 3.6.1 with the 3.6 agent and VSE 8.0, I immediately moved us to EPO 4.0, agent 4.0 and VSE 8.5 and we were better off doing so.

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                    Oh I see. Thank you for all the info. We will be updating soon to EPO 4.5, agent 4.5 and VSE 8.7. My manager wanted me to read up and get a better understanding(as best I can anyway) before we do so since I will eventually be in charge of all this. Thanks again.