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    custom reports in server 45


      Folks- in 361 we had the ability to write custom reports, you could write your own sql queries.   That's a pretty nice feature so I'm assuming its still doable in 45 but I can't fiigure it out.   How can i write my own sql queries?

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          Hello mrpg,


          as ePO 3.6.1 used the crystal reports engine to generate reports it was possible to create your own queries in sql language which you could run against the ePO database.


          As with ePO 4.x we are not using the reports engine anymore and moved to a modified open-source reports engine which is based on the orion framework within ePO 4.x


          The only possible way at the moment is either to create the reports with the query builder in ePO 4.x or run the custom queries directly against the database where you will need to modify the tables to query from as this has changed aswell ...



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            Hmm ok- they result i'm looking for is a report that gives me a limited result- say first 15.  I wan't to create a deploymont task based off a report that returns 15 random unmanaged nodes.


            My thought behind that is that it seems the ePO isn't staggering deployments natively and there is no randomize options.  So when I try to deploy to a few hundred client, those networks become saturated.

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              When you create the Deployment task, you can set randomization for the schedule to stagger the updates to prevent saturation.

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                I'm on 4.5 if that matters- I'm not seeing that option in the deploy task under schedule.

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                  In the "Options" section of the "Schedule" page of the Deployment task, you should have a checkbox for "Enable randomization".

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                    I'm doing something wrong-  here are my steps;


                    Server Tasks - New Task,

                    1st section is Description.

                    2nd is Actions, here I have a unmanaged report query action with a deploy mcafee sub-action.

                    3d section, Schedule, I see no options other than setting the start and end date/time.  Click screen below.




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                    To add to this- i'm using epo server 4.5 with agent 4.5.



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                      The deployment task that Greg is referring to is a client task as opposed to a server task - if you create a client task to deploy the agent, then in the Schedule section you'll see the randomisation setting.


                      Regards -



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                        Ok but my understanding is that client tasks only work on already mananged systems.  So it would not apply to my situation.

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                          Ah, my apologies - some confusion over terminology


                          Deployment task is usually taken to mean a client deployment task (which does have the randomisation).

                          What you're describing is usually called a "push install" or "send agent install". Unfortunately as you point out there's no randomisation function in the options for a push install

                          Additionally there's no option in the Query Builder to select a random subset of a result set.


                          Just an idea - maybe you could achieve something like this by having multiple filtered queries running at intervals - so instead of having a query that returns all unmanaged machines and pushes an agent to them, maybe have one that returns unmanaged machines whose name starts with a letter from A to F, then another that runs an hour later that does F to L, and so on...


                          Regards -



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