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    Help with Mcafee Total Protection install

      So when I was doing my install as  normal this is what popped up...

      pic 01.JPG

      So then I ran the Virtual Technician and I got this error...

      pic 02.JPG

      Now I dont know why I'm getting this error but is there a place where I can download the agent 3.6* so that I can finish installing my products.


      I am trying to install "McAfee Total Security Suite" I have uninstalled the previous version to do a clean install and now I get all of the above. I need to solve this problem asap so that I can have my computer protected.

      My os is Windows xp sp2 1gb memory 40gb hd is main and a 500gb hd is slave. amd athlon 64 (in case any of that info is needed)


      If somebody can give me a link to download agent 3.6 that would be great or atleast point me in the right direction. If anybody had this problem and solved it let me know exactly what you did so that I can see if it worked for me. Thanks in advance for all those who can help.


      I did chat with a tech online and he said I needed to first uninstall mcafee enterprise, but mcafee enterprise is not on my computer. Please help.

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          Hi JaeGee2,

          Could you confirm , By "Mcafee total security suite" are you tring to install the enterprise version or  is it "Mcafee Total protection" (home version)?




          Dinesh K

          McAfee Online Community Moderator

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            how would i know which? the weird thing is.... I have a 3 computer access for mcafee.. so on my laptop it install/upgraded from the previous version to this one and it said "follow these instructions to install on other computers" so i did that and as i described in post 1, i got those errors on my desktop.. My laptop has only had mcafee since day 1 of when i got it. It didnt come with the computer it was purchased and then i installed it on my laptop.


            a) if its the enterprise version, what should i do??


            b) if its the basic home version, what should i do?

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              Hi Jaegee2,

              Are you tring to install the program through a disk, ?

              This computer in which you have the problem installing mcafee , did you have any other security softwares or mcafee older versions previously ?




              Dinesh K

              Mcafee Online Communtiy Moderator

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                nope, no disk..it was the link you would get from online.... at the end of a successful install on my laptop there was an option where u would put in an email address to send the program to somebody else. so i put my own email so that way i can login in, and install it on my desktop... so it was a link to mcafee.com(somewhere) and it downloaded the "dm.exe" file and i hit setup, followed the screens and the "above mentioned" happened.


                on the desktop i had the most previous version of mcafee it jus expired so i was upgrading to a new one. I had mcafee virus enterprise 8.7 for 1 day, but did a successful uninstall. I personally didnt like it, not so much user friendly but thats just my opinion.

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                  i'm still lost on this... if somebody can please help, i greatly appreciate it... I've done searches and still no help.

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                    So you did have enterprise installed prior to this .. seems the uninstall  might have missed something. Dinz should be able to give you the steops to uninstall 8.7.


                    Ok found this I suggest first remove any bits of Total protection you have installed via the MCPR tool found in the useful links link at the top of this page. Reboot then remove any bits 8.7 via



                    I suggest you maybe try the manual removal step 1 removal of the common management agent... I am unsure as not a enterprise mod whether there would be other bits left over as well so have a read and see what Dinz says



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                      Ok, a little bit of progress has been. So I did follow the link https://kc.mcafee.com/corporate/index?page=content&id=KB59996 that you provided to me and a lot of the stuff I couldnt do because it was just impossible. Some registry info/strings just werent there as well as certain files/file folders werent there either. But I did delete what I could, did a restart and did more. I went back and tryed to reinstall mcafee and same error... common management agent 3.6 upgrade. So I then downloaded the patch for it and i got this error error.JPG

                      i have no idea what it means... I prolly just opened up another can of worms, but hey. I just need my computer protected. :-(

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                        You have bits and pieces of two versions what I suggest and I would defer to an enterprise expert if I can get 1 here.


                        1 use add/remove programs to remove mcafee total protection if it shows. Reboot and run mcpr removal tool to clear up rest. MCPR tool in useful links top of this page.

                        2. Reboot and try the clean up for 8.7i Did you install 8.7i or 8.7? Unsure if there is a difference.

                        3 reboot and search for any mcafee folders delete same reboot.


                        Here I am unsure whether you reinstall mcafee or reinstall 8.7 then run the removal of 8.7 which then might work. Either path worth a try.


                        Will scream for an enterprise mod

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                          I did the mcpr removal tool and this popped up




                          and there is nothing enterprise-ish on my computer....ahhhh this is killin me..


                          and whats the clean up for 8.7i?? i'm lookin in my files and i think i did install than uninstall 8.5i ...so i will need help in removing all those files as well. thx.

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