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    unrecognized virus

      I need help. Getting a restart message every time I login to my main desktop account. This is a generic msg, not from windows.new virus.jpg

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          Please can you provide the following info?


          Product Information

          Antivirus Product - What Antivirus Product is installed on your system

          Product Version - What Version of the product is installed

          DAT/Signature Version - What version of the DAT or Signature files are installed

          Enginer Version - What version of the antivirus engine is installed


          Some things to try if you've not already done so:


          1) Run a full scan of your machine - is anything detected?

          2) Run a scan with Stinger and Artemis enabled on very high (details here: http://vil.nai.com/vil/stinger/)


          Please report back once you've tried the above.