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    Please tell me how kids in Taiwan are using my email account w/ .tw at the end?

      There is no way possible that this person could have this by coincidence.  The address is to personal and very unique. The user name is also the same as mine. Once again very unique. Imagine finding yourself online and then talking to "yourself"  NO, I don't need medication.  This so called kid said that the school she attends gave them a list of addresses to pick from to help learn English. They monitor normal American jabber.  I told this person that I was going to report the incident but honestly to who? and for what?  So, far nothing had happened to me what's to report?  I must have spooked someone or angered them. I don't know?  My Pc runs like crud now and I've scanned it to DEATH.   This is an example of the address and user name not the actual. For instance, if your name was Ramona Kelly and your maiden name was Brewer the address would be  KamonaRelly687@boohoo.com with Brewer as the user name. Do you see how unlikely it would be for a person from Taiwan to have an address like that? This person kept going back and forth about choosing it and making it up!  It was totally mine with .tw at the end. Oh, and the girl ended up telling me that her name was "WANG". I told him what that was in english slang.  What the heck?



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