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    Internet Explorer redirect

      From Internet Explorer (Version 7.0.6001.18000), I type in a url and the page "looks" normal (for example, from www.msn.com), but when I mouse over the links on the page, the url displayed at the bottom of the window shows it is trying to redirect to another site.  This is happening on other url's too.  The site it's trying to redirect to is the same in all cases.


      I've run a full scan from McAfee and it's not detecting anything.  Here are my VirusScan specs:


      Version 13.15

      Build: 13.15.113

      AffId: 105-260

      DAT Version: 5810.0000

      Engine Version: 5301.4018


      Please help, I'm not sure what I can do next.


      Yesterday, before I first realized it was trying to redirect, I had clicked a link and it gave what I think now was a fake alert and I picked up several pieces of malware.  I then did a full scan, which resulted in several programs quarantined, which I then deleted.  So now, it looks like I've just got this IE redirect thing still there that McAfee isn't picking up.

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          Please send us a sample for analysis to virus_research@mcafee.com, in a password-protected ZIP file (password - infected).

          You can find detailed instructions for how to do this at <http://vil.mcafeesecurity.com/vil/submit-sample.aspx>


          If you have a system where you can do a test scan, you may first wish to try our beta DailyDATs to get the latest detection available.   You can find this on our web-site at:



          Please include a description of the symptoms your system is experiencing, and any pertinent information about what AV Products you are using including company, version number (engine/dat numbers for McAfee Products) and results of the scan.


          Note -


          Due to the prevalence of network gateway AV products it is important that all submissions be zipped and the zip file password protected (with the password - infected). Some products will reject an email that contains a virus that is not sent in this way. In addition, often we receive a file that appears not to have been infected, to find later that the file was infected when it left the sender, and was cleaned somewhere along the line.


          For additional information, our Virus Information Library page can be found at <http://vil.mcafeesecurity.com/vil/default.aspx>


          All product-related questions and comments can be addressed through technical support and customer service, including:


          * Product installation and update questions

          * Product usage questions

          * Specific operating system/version questions

          * Assistance with detection and cleaning or removal of viruses or trojans


          Use the following link to reach online technical support for McAfee products.


          Corporate Customers:



          Single User/Retail Customers:





          Neha Chattopadhyay

          McAfee® Avert® Labs

          A division of McAfee, Inc.

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            Please download the McAfee Stinger from HERE


            Instructions for how to run Stinger are also on this page.


            Once the Stinger has run, do not close the program. Please select "File" (top left) and you should see an option to Save a log file. Please post this here once saved.