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    Need a remotely deployable fix NOW for buggy v5 "Patch 3" pushed my McAfee

      When v5 "Patch 3" was released by McAfee, at least half of my client's computers ceased updating DAT files.  These have been functioning fine for years prior to this "upgrade" (?) by McAfee.


      A manual installation of "Patch 3" via the URL in IE works, but we are talking about 1,500 computers globally and sometimes it has to be run twice due to some script issue.


      Using VSSETUP via SMS or the TOPS Push utility installs an older v5 "Patch 2" version that cannot even communicate with McAfee Security Center (mcafeeasap.com) to get program or DAT updates.


      I have tried KB66454.  The fact that this bug fix can't be pushed remotely is one major problem, but when run, the fixtpsupdates.exe file incorrectly states that "Download server is intact. Skipping the repair process" and the issue is not resolved.


      I have an open SR into McAfee and am being told that "Patch 4" will be ready in 2-3 weeks.


      Is there really no way to resolve this other than manual installation or waiting for "Patch 4" and hoping it fixes the issues?


      Thank you.