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      Hi Peter,

      I was doing a google search on Mcafee Updates & ran into a couple of posts you have had with a few people back in October.One person was from the U.K..He said he would get a automatic Update from McAfee & the date on the security page where it has system information did not change.He had mentioned that if he did a manual update the date would change. .Do you recall that conversation.You had mentioned it probally was a glitch & would disappear when we get a new user interface.You had even put a snap shot of the new interface.That is the problem I have been having all along.My question is you said that the new interface is in beta right now.Do we have to pay for it or would it just be a update.Remember you brought it up in your phone call with McAfee.So it is a known problem.Tech support took remote access of my computer & said the reason the date doesen't change is because of my O.S.

      I know better then that.They just wrote it off to my operating System.Never had any problems with my computer & this was escalated to the hightest Tech there is.So it is a known problem & other people are having the same problem.The update check does not change the date.I been having this problem since I renewed my subscrption back on 10/2/09.Your conversation with these people were in October.


      Thanks As Alway's