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    How do I remove batmeter16.dll trojan?

      Yesterday, I suspected that my computer was infected, so I ran McAfee and it found and quarantined three Trojans.  After the scan was finished and I closed the security center, I tried to open it again by clicking on the desktop icon, but nothing happened.  I then completely removed McAfee from my computer and tried reinstalling it, but after the re-installation, McAfee still would not open when I clicked on the desktop icon.  I contacted McAfee technical support via online chat and was told to run the free virus scan from McAfee.  The scan detected one virus, batmeter16.dll.  I contacted technical support again, and they suggested that I contact the virus removal team (obviously a paid service) to remove it.  They also said that no antivirus package would install correctly on my computer until the virus was removed.  How can I remove this virus from my PC without paying McAfee (or anyone else) to help?  Clear, step-by-step instructions would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks.