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    On access scan failure after 8.7 update

      I recently updated to Virus Scan Enterprise 8.7.0i from 8.5 and it worked well for over a year.  But ever since I completed the update, the on access scanner shuts down for no particular reason.  The computer tells me that it has failed, but does not give me any reason, and advises me to come to the MCafee forums.  I go to the virus scan console, and I attempt to restart OAS.  However, it will not start unless I reboot the computer.  Then it fails again in a few moments.  I ran the Virtual Technician from the support section.  It tells me that the OAS is not running, and its only fix is to turn in back on.  It can't get it turned back on either.


      I am running Windows Vista.

      I am on a wireless broadband connection.

      Nothing else on this computer has changed besides the update.