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    How do i know how many Licences of McAfee i have?

      Hello all, again lol,


      I have been using McAfee for a few years now, and is wondering how to find out how many liscence's i have left after my purchase, How do i find out and are they valid?


      Sorry this gets a little complex..

      I initially had Windows Vista Home Edition with McAfee installed (XP Before that but i purchased a new licence since) Then purchase Windows Vista Ultimate then Windows 7.


      Each Time i have installed the same disc and automatically i have received a download version of an update, as requested by the software installed.. The complex part is the other PC i have.. To begine with i installed McAfee on XP then re-installed to Vista Ultimate and re-installed McAfee..


      Does McAfee Recognise the same computer but notes that it has a different O/S ?


      I Hope the following clarifies what i just wrote :-/


      PC 1 :-


           - Windows Vista Home Premium allready installed (Mcafee installed too (Copy one))

           - Fresh install of Windows Vista Ultimate (Mcafee installed too (Copy two))


      PC 2 :-


           - Windows XP Already installed (One Copy of McAfee installed)

           -Windows Vista Ultimate installed (Copy two installed)


      Do i have my third licence of McAfee still and can i install in on my laptop (The Third Licence) with mobile broadband?


      I Hope that is clear enough.