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    After installing, won't activate

      I have tried to install mcafee, i have an updated account, it goes thru the entire install and tells me to restart to get the "M" on the lower right so I do that and nothing happens. I can click on the start page and go to the application and there is no response...it was working before got a virus and then i fixed the virus and it happened after that. Any suggestions. im at a loss. Thanks.

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          Are you sure that your pc is absolutely virus free.


          And (just assumin ) the reason why you cannot register is because, the email id which you are trying to use, could be already in use.


          Or you already may have an account and You are trying to register as a new user and not as an existing user.


          Just check it out and reply me.





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            Please answer following questions...


            1. Have you registered your McAfee software before?

            2. If yes, please login to your McAfee account and download your software.

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            3. If you have not registered before, Let me know what happens when you try to register.

            4. Are you getting 'Product Setup' option when you right click on 'M' icon.



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              What do you mean registered my software. I bought it and it is not expiring until 3/2010. I bought one for my daughter also who is on the wireless network with us. Hers is working fine for her laptop. mine was working fine along with hers also. I go on mcafee and intall the product I bought and it goes thru the entire install, with the icon on the desktop and in my start menu. go to All programs and tried clicking on it to start there and it does nothing, ive restarted my computer when it tells me to and I dont get the icon on the bottom right or the site advisor. I have absolutely no idea why its doing this, unless somehow i have a firewall running that is not allowing it to run. I tried to see that, but its says its on and I cant turn it off just by clicking the off button. I hope somehow this all makes sense. dont get it.

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                I've sent a Document to your e-mail.. Please do the steps mentioned in that e-mail

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                  I had the same problem.  I apparently lack a file that never was not included on my Fry's purchased copy of McAfee.  So I cannot activate my copy either.  Maybe your issue is you got a defective disk too.  I click "product setup" and nothing happens because the program is trying to access a file that does not exist.  This problem is wide spread (see other forum sites).  My issue could not be solved after an hour of tech support chat.  I recommend either buy another disk or change internet secrity providers.

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                    I've moved this thread to the Home and Home Office area. Hopefully someone can help you soon.

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                      Hi mrborne02,

                      Can you provide some information like;
                      what is the operating system in the computer ?
                      Were you using McAfee previously in this computer ??



                      Dinesh K
                      McAfee Online Community Moderator

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                        Hi izboo2,

                        Please run the McAfee virtual technican from the following link http://mvt.mcafee.com and restart the computer,
                        And check whether you are able to open the program and check whether you are getting  the M icon to the lower right bottom corner.
                        Ansd post me with the session id of  the virtual technician so that I could check the logs of the install.


                        Dinesh K
                        McAfee Online Community Moderator