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    Force Synch from EPE 5.1.9 Server to 4.2.14 client not working



      Here is what I did:


      Installed McAfee End Point Encryption version 5.1.9 on the server.

      Attached the existing database from my old 4.2.14 server implementation.

      Started the services.


      Now, what i understand is that the client initiated synchronization is working fine (where the client initiates the synch to the server port 5555) but the force synch feature from the server to the client is not working (where the server can initiate a synch on port 5556 to the client). However, this is happening with all my existing 4.2.14 clients and everything is working fine with the 5.1.9 clients that have been created new.


      Is there a workaround to enable this force synch from the server to the client?