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    Unable to cancel a scan

      I've been using Mcafee for a long time now and seem to have a problem that comes and goes. Sometimes Mcafee will start a scan when I don't want it to so I double click the scan icon next to the clock and then click on cancel, however nothing happens. Mcafee refuses to cancel the scan, even after being left for several minutes and even an hour before it will just refuse to cancel the scan. I cannot click on pause as the button becomes grayed out as soon as I click on cancel. To get it to cancel I have to restart my computer which is a pain as sometimes I am doing something important and can't really restart the PC. Anyone know what the problem could be a how to fix it?


      I am currently running Windows 7 however this same problem happened on vista and XP for me.

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          Moved provisionally to VirusScan 13.


          Double-click the taskbar icon to open SecurityCenter

          Click Advanced Menu (bottom)

          Click Configure (left)

          Click Computer & Files (top left)

          Click Advanced (right)

          Click Scheduled Scan (left)

          Uncheck Enable Scheduled Scan as per the picture below (click to enlarge).

          Click Apply and OK.



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            Same issue here, ever get an aswer that works?

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              This was from 2009 and the software used then has long since been obsolete.  I suggest you start a new discussion in VirusScan and give more details such as your software version (open it and click 'About'), operating system and service pack etc. etc.


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