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    useing autoboot to disable preboot screen

      I have been reading about autoboot, and if i understand it correctly, it bypasses the preboot screen, and will boot into windows.

      1) is this a correct assumption.
      2) could this be used for all users to then authenticate via token, as the token we use for other apps is not supported.
      3) can i confirm that the username must be in the form %autoboot%xxxxx or xxxxx$autoboot$, I could find no mention of if it needs any lvl of admin rights.

      I did try to boot a test machine, in the management console i have ticked Allow AutoBoot user to be managed locally and Allow AutoBoot to be cancelledand unticked disable checking for autoboot.
      But all that happens on boot is a message that autoboot will be atempted in 30 secs, this counts down and the normal preboot screen appears.
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