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    MSN Security Suite Install Hanging



      I've recently downloaded the Mcafee Security Suite MSN offers to members for my PC which runs Windows XP. After inputting the serial number I am prompted to choose which services I want. I do this, and a loading bar completes then the window goes blank and hangs for a period that appears indefinite. I'm going to allow it to idle for a long time to see if it just takes a while to install on my computer, because I've had this happen with a few programs before... just give it a good amount of time and it sorts itself out. But, this is very troubling as I have the same Suite installed on my laptop and it installed quick as a whistle. Could this possibly be a known problem or could some sort of virus be preventing the Suite from installing? A little history: I used to have Avira AntiVirus installed on the computer, and attempted to install the Suite once while it was still installed, I then uninstalled Avira and used the Mcafee removal tool to sort out any possible partial installs before reattempting to install the Suite again. It simply hung during the install during both instances. I've run into a wall and don't know where to go next with this issue...

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          Peter M

          This is XP...what service pack?  Also how much free hard drive space and installed memory (RAM) do you have?


          After removing Avira in the normal manner did you use their Removal Tool?


          Do you have any other protection software installed?


          McAfee relies heavily on an up to date Internet Explorer set to defaults, no matter what browser you use.


          Open Internet Explorer.  If IE6 for to Tools/Internet Options

          On the Security tab make sure all zones are default.

          On the Contrnt tab make sure that Content Advisor is off

          On the Advanced tab make sure it is at default.


          If IE7 or what it should be by now, IE8, go to the Advanced tab and click Reset, Apply and OK.


          Close and reopen the browser and then go to Tools/Manage Add-ons and re-enable the add-ons.


          Try your download/installation again.



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            Service Pack 3, and I have 2gigs of RAM.


            I used the Avira removal tool, no other protection software, and I set all IE settings to default as you described. I then tried my installer again and its still hanging at the blank screen.

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              Peter M

              What version of Internet Explorer is this?  If it is any beta version of IE8 then this can happen.  Please uninstall it and install the final version of IE8 and try again.

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                Excellent, when I first changed those settings in Internet Explorer I was using the default version that comes with XP. I installed Internet Explorer 8 and followed your steps and it is currently installing McAfee properly. Thanks for your excellent guidance through this problem.

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                  Peter M

                  Glad it helped.  All the best.