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    Moving from EPO 3.6.1 to 4.5

      I am in the process of setting up and testing a new EPO 4.5 server to replace the existing EPO 3.6.1

      What is the best way to move all clients to this new server?

      I am not upgrading the existing server.

      The way I was thinking of doing it is:

      Setup new server.

      Sync with AD to add all machines - about 250.

      Deploy new Agent 4.5 from the new EPO using the force install over existing version - I have tested this and it seems to work

      Roll out Virus Scan 8.7 also using the new server - optional. All current machnes run 8.0


      Should there be any unexpected problems?

      Is there a better way?

      This is the first time I have used EPO so any help gratefully received