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    Supported version?

      I'm not sure where to post this so I'll try here and if I need to move it. let me know.

      Is VirusScan 7.02.6000 sitll supported with DAT files?


      Pentium 4 CPU 1.8 GHz 768 MB Ram

      Windows XPSP3

      VirusScan 7.02.6000

      IE 6.1SP3


      Thanks JC

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          As it isn't supported anymore at all I can only say that updates will most likely not work either.


          You should also be using IE8.

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            Thank you Peter for the reply.

            If you could give me a little more help I would appreciate it.

            I knew something was up yesterday when I downloaded the 5807 sdat to update version 7. My previous update was sdat 5796 (I hadn't had the computer turned on for a while), and 5796 updated correctly. After I downloaded 5807, I made a restore point, closed out the VirusScan program in Control Panel and ran the update. When I restarted the computer I got the following message "McAfee VirusScan files have been tampered with. You must scan your computer using the bootable CD or emergency start up disk to detect a possible virus. Then re-install Virus Scan".

            Not wanting to be without any virus protection while I researched the problem, I restored the computer using the restore point I made before updating. Here's the curious part. After restoring the computer VirusScan came back up, but when I right-clicked the icon in systray and clicked "about VirusScan" the "Virus Definitions" showed the new 4.0.5807 update I had just downloaded. Anyway, I assumed that McAfee had discontinued support somewhere between update 5796 and 5807. So I decided to go to the McAfee forums to investigate(I was a member) but the link didn't work. I still don't know how I found this page. They really should put a link on their home page.


            1.Since my version is no longer supported, and I don't want to go thru the process described above to keep updating, which product do you recommend?

            2.I will want to uninstall all old McAfee products before installing the new product. I have VirusScan and McAfee Firewall. Is there anything I should do other than uninstall thru the Add/Remove Programs

               in Control Panel and delete any left over McAfee folders in c:/Program Files?

            3. When did all the changes take place and what happened to all the old forum pages?


            Finally, You suggested Ithat I should be using IE 8. I didn't upgrade to IE 7 because of all of the problems I kept reading about it. I haven't heard or read about nearly as many problems with IE 8 had have actually been thnking about upgrading. Did you have any problems with or suggestions for the upgrade?


            Thank You,


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              What product to recommend is a bit difficult without knowing exactly what you need.  All McAfee products come bundled now so the minimum & cheapest available is VirusScan Plus, which is VirusScan bundled with Firewall, while you can get browser protection by downloading SiteAdvisor Free.


              Those would all be available on McAfee.com's home page.  http://home.mcafee.com/Default.aspx


              Someone has posted manual removal instructions here:  http://stuff.mit.edu/people/bbrids/virus.html  (Thank goodness for Google).


              Sorry but we don't even have support documents for VirusScan 7 any more.


              For your own safety you should upgrade to IE8 as it is stable and works just fine.

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                Thanks for all your help. Especially the removal directions found on google.


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                  Good luck