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    EPO 4.0 Notification Rules


      Can somepne point me to some good documentation (Best Practices) for setting up notification rules?  I have been trying to create rules that will notifiy us if a system is infected and cannot be cleaned or if a virus is removed but continues to infect the system.  It's getting frustrating to have our end-users call us to report that there computer is infected.  When we investigate the issue we discover that the system is infected but EPO never sent a notification.  Here is a view of one of my rules:


      Name:Virus detected and not removed
      Notes:Notifications sends an e-mail message when "Virus Detected and Not Removed" events are received
      Defined at:My Organization
      Operating systems:Workstation
      Products:ePO Server
      GroupShield Exchange
      McAfee Agent
      Categories:Virus detected and NOT removed
      Threat name:(Any)
      Aggregation:Send a notification if multiple events occur within 20 minutes
      When the number of affected systems is at least 10
      When the number of events is at least 25
      Throttling:At most, send a notification every 1 hours

      Does this look right to you?  BTW, I do have our IT staff listed in the EMail section of the notification.