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    ePO 4.5 upgrade time needed



           I got one urgent matter here. I in the midst of upgrade epo 4.0 to epo 4.5 and now

      im stuck at the installation that said " Upgrading database. Large database might take several hour " . Im waiting for

      4 hours now and the installer still running. Please see the screen shot that i attach. for your information, im running the epo

      database on separate server and database size is 143 GB.

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          This is entirely possible. 143GB is a large DB, and there is a huge amount of data conversion that needs to happen when going from ePO 4 to 4.5. Whatever you do, do not terminate the installation - let it run until it either completes, or fails with an error and rolls back.


          I can't say how long it is going to take, as every installation is different, but I would not be surprised if it took 12 hours to run. This number is a complete guess: it might be longer - I don't know.


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            I just wait then, and will reply on the result tomorrow

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              Indeed the upgrade can take a long time depending on the size of your DB. If at any point you feel the upgrade is hung DO NOT terminate the upgrade or restart the EPO server. This will almost certainly result in a corrupt install (because the upgrade failed but never rolled back) rather restart the SQL instance hosting the DB. This should trigger the upgrade to rollback correctly. But again I would give it several hours (maybe up to 24) before I concluded the upgrade is hung.

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                I am contemplating upgrading my ePOv4.0.0 Server to ePOv4.5

                do I have to go thru the installation of patches first? ePOv4.2/3/4/5 or I can go straight to 4.5?


                I have just tested on Vmware where I run ePOv4.0.0 I updated to patch 4 straight. though I did no go thru backing-up process as there is not any serious database there.


                Did you backup this same 143GB database of yours? because I may just have as large a database and my Server has slowed down and I am not sure what has happened.

                However we also run Manage Engine Desktop Central 6 Server on the same machine. Could this be the reason?


                Or is there just some maintenance that needs to be done?

                My event log is quiet huge also!

                We manage 800 PCs on this server and yet to add 200 more.


                Sorry this isn't a reply to your dilema but just another guy about get into your shoes!

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                  You can go straight to 4.5, Also as a side note, ePO Patches are cumulative (so patch 5, has 1-2-3-4 fixes in it).