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    The old Postini Portal and the new Security Centre



      We are a security alliance partner and we e have been using TOPS for a number of years now and we used to administer The secure email part of TOPS using the old Postini portal https://login.mcafee-sms.com/exec/login whih was very handy as you were able to see all your clients under 1 roof. Now that we have moved of to the securoty Centre portal, we need to log into www.mcafeeasap.co/pp  so that we can see all our clients and the select them and then click email configure in order to get to the secure email portition of the portal.


      As you can imagine this adds more steps to the process but that is not the reason for my post. The reason for my post that when I clcik on some of my client to take me into their security centre it tells me that the email side of the portal still needs to be configured as if it hasnt been setup, if you try and go through the reg process it says that the key is invalid, the only we I have of making changes to these clients secure email setup is to use the old postini portal, who do I need to speak to get this fixed?