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    few DLP questions (eveidence and clipboard)

      Hello All, I m new to the mcafee dlp and i have a few questions and help would be most appreciated...

      1. How can I control the evidence collection? E.g. create a rule that blocks all clipboard action from a Browser, but store evidence only if someone tried to copy a text containing the text "hello apple"

      2.How do I block the clipboard usage to internet access only and not internal company portal E.g. I created a policy that block web browser clipboard but I want to apply it only to outer internet browsing.

      3. Why upon the creation of a policy for a certain user, I can see it applies on a certain computer but not on another, what should I check?

      4. When I delete a user from the privileged user list on the dlp, I can still see the user when I generate a report of DLP: privileged users (this is the user from the previous question....)

      5.last but not least: how can i block a clipboard actions for an interner browser in both ways (i mean not to be able to copy paste noto and from the internet browser , and not only from)


      many many thanks!