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    Receiving "UPDATE FAILED" message after running auto update

      I have two computers, one laptop and one desktop.  Both have VirusScan Enterprise and both run Windows XP SP3.  I have updated the VirusScan software in the past numerous times using the autoupdate function.  I have only now encountered a problem.


      After clicking on Autoupdate, it runs through the process fine until the very end where the following message will appear right before it says "update finished" :


      "update failed to version Engine:  5400.1158 DAT: 5806.0000"


      Both computers do the same thing and receive the same message.


      I tried downloading the SuperDAT .exe and it seemed to be downloading just fine until it got to the end of the download and then I received this message:


      "This file was blocked because it does not have a valid digital signature that verifies its publisher".


      Again, I've updated numerous times in the past with no problem.


      I'm using VirusScan Enterprise

      Version 8.5.0i

      Scan Engine:  5301.4018

      DAT Version:  5804.0000

      DAT Created:  16NOV09


      Thanks, any help or advice would be great


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