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    Trend Asset Reports




      Does anyone noticed that the trend asset reports , don't Trend?


      I have been doing some testing with the scan results and trend asset reports only show the values of the last scan.

      For example, you have a scan that as been running everyday for the last two weeks.Imagine you only have one host, alsways with 1 high fuln,

      which, if you're using the default foundscore, takes 70 pts from Foundscore.

      The asset trend should be fixed to 30 all the times. Well it doesn't. The Foundscore trend is set to 100 all the time until the last scan date, where it drops to 30.


      I have been trying multiple scan configurations, adding assets by ip, gorup, asset name, etc... the results are all the same.


      I would like to know if anyone noticed this already, its just too scary, and I hope to be wrong.




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          That's a really hard question to answer without seeing the report and what options where selected when creating it. Currently there are no support cases in with Tier 3 on trend reports and in general they work pretty well. I suggest opening a support case so we can take a look at the report.

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            Hi RD,

            I had a some extra time today so I created a trend report based off of your exampe below. I scanned  a system for 10 days that only contained one high vulnerability.



            I recieved a Foundscore of 30 for each data point over each of the 10 days.


            I've attached the report with its configuration settings to this post for you to take a look at. It sounds like you might have something configured incorrectly on your system. Please open a support case and I'm sure we can get this worked out for you.


            Have a great day

            Jeff Haynes

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              Hi Jeffrey,


              Thanks for your reply.


              I have tested trend asset reporting on a new vm image, fs v6.8, and the reports are ok.

              I will open a case and hope to figure out what is happening.