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    Engine Version in ePO and MA

      I recently added engine (5400.1158, mv 4778) to my evaluation repository.  I created a new policy and was able to install it on my own machine.  The only problem I noticed is that the MA ( "about" tab shows the old engine (5301.4018) installed.  ePO and VirusScan Enterprise correctly identifies 5400.


      So far I have tried:


      Reboot PC

      Uninstalled and reinstalled agent to create new GUID


      without success.


      I am trying this update to eliminate a couple problems regarding VS terminating itself unexpectedly (repair or uninstall/reinstall does not help issue) even though PC's appear "clean."


      Any help is appreciated.






      McAfee Agent, VS SP2, Engine 5301.4018 & 5400.1158 mv 4778, ePO 4

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          How about a clean uninstall of VS and let epo reinstall it?

          i have quite a few machines i'm working through where there is goofy sync issues like that.

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            The MA status screen pulls this information from


            HKLM-Software-Network Associates-ePolicy Orchestrator-Application Plugins-Viruscan8700

            REG_SZ = EngineVersion


            So odds are this key is not updated.


            The VSE plugin should be updated automatically when the product updates. And the plugin should pull the value directly from the directory path of the Engine (and Dats).


            So with that said, it is most likely that the engine is not completely installed, or there are mis-match files in the directory.

            Using the Full Superdat Engine install with a /F switch, would force the engine to reinstall and should correct this issue. But if you are seeing this issue on more than say 1 or 2 machines, you should collect MERs and open a tick with McAfee support, to determine if there is another VSE issue in your environment.