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    Blue Screen... Now I can't boot os

      Yesterday I got a blue screen. When I reboot now, I am able to enter my password and then I get "Error loading Operating System". Is there a way to recover from this? I am running Windows XP.
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          contact your internal helpdesk, they will should be able to sort this out for you.

          You probably need to tell them what the BSOD said of course.
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            I did contact the "No Help Desk" as we call them, 99.9% of help is from a self help website. Believe it or not, I work for a major company. Of couse, I can't access the website because my laptop won't boot. I explained what happened, but, they didn't offer any solution at all. I honestly don't remember what the BSOD said since whenever this happened before, (I got the BSOD when I plugged my DVD back into my laptop) I just simply rebooted and everything was fine. That was before I encrypted my laptop though. I did boot off of my Windows CD and tried to run chkdsk /r. It said that there were unrecoverable errors. I was able to do a /dir and I see files. I am afraid to do anything else because I need to recover several customer files. Is there a way to boot off of another laptop (if I encrypt it also) and recover my files?
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              if you could see files on the C: drive after booting from a CD, then your drive can't have been encrypted - you say "before I encrypted it" - are you running your own encryption environment?

              No, another install will have another key, so that won't help you read the data.

              If you didnt encrypt the drive, then the only thing which has changed is the MBR - use fixmbr and that will put a good one back. There's nothing of McAfee's running if you didnt encrypt it, so all the usual Windows recovery tools will work.
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                Sorry I wasn't clear when I said that I could see files. The file names were unreadable. The laptop is definately encrypted with endpoint. Sounds like there is no way to recover except to reimage the laptop once Windows cannot boot.
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                  sure you can decrypt it still. if the pre-boot still works you can just use your user id and password, if not, you can use the exported machine from the DB you registered it to.

                  either way, there's no reason to loose the data. The only reason that would happen I guess is if you were using a hacked/illegal copy of the software?
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                    I can assure you it is a legal copy. I know my user name and pasword. That's not a problem. How do I decrypt the drive so I can recover my files? When I go into recovery, I see three options. Machine recovery, User recovery, and Local recovery. But it looks like an admin needs to give me a key once I give them my key. But when I call the help desk, they don't know what I'm talking about. Is that what I have to do?
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                      not really if you need to decrypt it - your helpdesk need to use either WinTech or SafeTech and physically decrypt the drive.

                      or of course, they could use a wintech boot CD and just copy the files you need off.

                      I'm not sure you can get help though if your own helpdesk won't help you - you need them, as they are the ones with the keys for your machine. Its not something you can really do on your own, the whole thing is set up so you can't easily remove the protection yourself.

                      perhaps find the EEPC administrator and ask them to help you directly?