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    Not fully protected due to incompleted full scan - help appreciated.

      Hi again;  If anyone knows any short answers to the following I would really appreciate it.  I now regularly get the message 'your computer is not fully protected'.  Reason given- a full scan has not been completed in 30 days etc.  It will not do a full scan now without freezing.

      1.  Does anyone know if that means exactly as it says - my computer is not fully protected?

      2.  Is there no support available from McAfee anywhere for this problem or others?

      3.  Does anyone know if the problem is due to auto updates, McAfee or a virus attack or??

      4.  I am not very computer 'tech' but my patience is gone & would like to continue to use my computer without hassle & safely - would my best solution be to give up the remainder of my McAfee subscription & change to another brand such as Norton as I really have no idea where to go or what to do.


      Thank you very much.

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