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    Another Thread on Fails to Install


      The installation of Mcafee keeps failing.

      I have previously had it installed and running on this computer in the past.


      Whether I do a 'Typical' or 'Custom' install it just disappears after I hit the 'Next' button.


      Another day I ran it it came up and asked me for my email address and password (to the McAfee account).
      Then it asked me which of my two available McAfee products I wanted to install (3-User McAfee Internet Security or McAfee SecurityCenter).

      Well, neither one works because when I select one and press "Next" the install window disappears
      and the installation apparently fails.


      Is there a problem with DMSetup.exe?


      Why won't it install?


      This is an XP machine.




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          Hi Matt,
          Provide some information about the computer as it would help in diagnosing the problem,
          What operating system are you using  Windows xp/vista ?
          What is the internet explorer version and cipher strength (open IE - click help - click about internet explorer) ?
          How old is the computer?



          Dinesh K
          Mcafee Online community moderator