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    Remediation ticket reporting


      Hello all,


      I'm currently running 6.5.x on a couple of FS1000 and FS850s.  I plan on upgrading to 6.8 asap, but I have a question in the meantime I'd like answered.  What capabilities does 6.8 have in regards to remediation ticket reporting?  I'd like to run monthly reports that would reflect the status of open remediation tickets, how many are past due, and other general information.  I know the scan/asset reporting in MVM is very nice, but I'd like to be able to provide a report to InfoSec and the Unix team for example, on how their remediation efforts are going after the scans.


      Hope that makes sense!


      Thanks~  Chris

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          I don't think its possible to generate reports about open/due tickets.

          It would be a very nice feature, mandatory indeed, when you have to manage 1000's of tickets.




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            Quick update... there is an existing Feature Modification Request:


            Improved Remediation Ticket Reporting:

            FMR 413443


            I will make a note that the "Community" is asking for this as well.


            Thanks for the input.



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              Hi Cathy, Seems like you are an insider on this .I have one more issue to raise and I believe everyone else will agree with me .Apparently foundstone has put all their weight in scanning techniques and their Ticket Management as well other related reporting fuctions are very week .If I want to see a report that shows me How many Tickets are there per scan alongwith count by status i.e  Windows Scan has 500 tickets out of which 300 are closed ,100 are auto-closd ,50 are false positive and 50 are ignored than I have to do it manually .I can't get this data from foundstone itself .My suggestions are


              a) Work on Foundstone Reporting from a Security Administrator point of view .See what kind of reports he will be needing on day to day basis


              b) Provide another feature where all the remediation tickets are consolidated and can be grouped by Vulnerability or by Server Or by Owner .Due to absense of any such feature ,one ends up having 50-100 tickets for one unpatched server and he has to update each ticket one by one .If needed , You can't even verify tickets in bulk .

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                Hi Shahzad,


                I will be sure to let Product Management know of your requests as well.  The more customers who are asking for the functionality the better the chance it will be implemented.



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                  Hi, I want ro re-emphasize that there are missing basic reports for remediation tickets.

                  Now I have to query the database regulary to get informations like



                  - assigned tickets

                  - complete tickets

                  - closed tickets

                  - auto-closed tickets

                  for each seperate user for Ticket tracking report for our technical groups.



                  - total open tickets medium priority

                  - total open tickets high priority

                  - total open high tickets created before e.g. 2 weeks ago

                  - total new created tickets in the last e.g. 1 week


                  It would be very helpful if Foundstone offers features like that.

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                    Hi Alfred,


                    Great points!  Thanks for the info.  I'm adding you to the FMR, if/when it's implemented, I will let you know.


                    Have a great day!

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                      Hi Cathy,


                      Indeed in MVM 7 were not added the ticketing reporting features above mentioned.

                      I´d appreciate (and I think the community too) if you can give us an ETA about the FMR.



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                        Hi Puga,


                        This is a question best addressed by Product Management.  I will check to see if they can weigh in on the discussion.



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                          Thanks Cathy.


                          How can I get data regarding number of tickets per user and time of remediation of each one of them?

                          Can you support me with the queries lines to the DB please?



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