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    Auto Update..Last Result


      We have EPO server 4.0 and the clients are mostly VSE 8.5.

      Since i have installed the EPO server, the clients each read a last update of May 2009.. precisely when I installed the EPO..  The dats look like they are being updated.  I was wondering if we could see when it was last updated from a clients stand point.

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          On the "V Shield" Icon on the client in the system tray, you should be able to click on "About VirusScan Enterprise" to get the DAT information.

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            Hmm, have you created an ePO Agent Update Task yet? Or have you tried enabling global updating?


            The Agent wil not automaticly update the VSE machines, so some type of update task must be created on the epo server side.

            Assuming that the VSE policy is set to disable the local Update Tasks?


            Also does the date update, when you right click on the agent icon and select Update Now?

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              Yes, i do have a task to update the DATs and Engines every 6 hours, and the DAT files are updated when clicking on the VSE and going to about..

              I do have VSE disabled on the local update tasks.

              and the date does update when i right click and hit update now.


              I guess can understand why the date doesnt get updated because its forcing the update down the agents throat rather then going through VSE itself.