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    Cannot update to new dat and MVT says my security center is out of date



      I am having some issues with total protection 2010.  I recently upgraded my subscrition to my 2009 mcafee, as it ran out.  Once I updated via the web, I could not get updates automatically or manually.  I contact tech support via the chat, and they sent me to a T2 tech.  He worked on my comp. for 2 hours with no resolution and told me it is my internet connection.  I have uninstalled and reinstalled the program 5 times, using add/remove and the Mcafee removal tool.  I did the clock check and reset IE in tools.  I received a refund from my web purchase on Saturday, after the T2 tech could not rectify the problem.


      I purchased a hard copy of the 2010 Total protection 3 user on Sunday and installed it.  Same issues.  Cannot update.  The system tray "arrow" just keeps turning and says "checking security center for updates".  Nothing happens.


      I have my scanned manually and all it good.  I have my scheduled scan to go every day and it ran once.  Today, I checked in the morning and had the "On demand error and cannot go further".


      I am clueless at this point.  All other software is updating and running fine.


      MVT says my DAT is out of date and Security center needs to update, but it doesn't work.


      Running XP home, SP3.  IE8, but use firefox mostly.