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    Filtering Rogue Sensor Detections

      Hi Everybody,


      So today I am trying to clean up the cluttered list of rogue machines on my EPO 4.0 , I was wondering if:


      1. It's possible to detect only those machines which are workstations or servers instead of detecting everything with a MAC address on network, since it ends up in reporting printers, routers, switches and some AIX machines which cannot have McAfee agent on them.

      2. Is there a way to have an automated task to push agent on every rogue machine, i.e. if Admin can embed credentials on a task and have a task on all rogue machines to push agent, unsuccessful installation should get reported as rogue.

      3. If the first option is not possible, how can I filter these rogues on the bases of OS platform and then mark rest of them as exception/s or delete them?

      4. If I mark an IP address as exception or delete it, and then the same IP gets assigned to a different machine, will this IP show up under list of rogues again, especially if its deleted?

      5. I can't remember the last question, may above four would do it !







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          yes you can do those things but first please advise what version of epo you are using

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            EPO 4.0  patch 4 and Rogue Sensor 2.0 Patch 2

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              OK that good...


              1)Create a (basic) table query based on the detected systems data set and call it something like Mark Exceptions.

              In the filtering choose rogue = true then add in all the non windows os platforms as additional filters (with or not and)

              eg where rogue  is true and os platform is router/printer/mac etc they are all their in the drop down box

              Once you have the report make it public and then create a server task which runs the query as a n action

              Now choose the action detected system to be mark as exception

              Now schedule this to run every hour


              2) create automated responses in the sutomation section where if  a rogue is detected and its windows and of a certain domain then push agent with specififced credentials

              I have one for each domain covered


              3) default rogue dashboard already references the default RSD OS queries look at these


              4) in server settings, rogue systems matching I use mac and name, also I have netbios calls for more info enabled. Don't have this issue as its matching MAC

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                Thats awesome, filtering non windows machines works like a charm, Thanks a lot!


                Now, I am wondering, if a printer is removed from a subnet and this IP address gets assigned to a workstation, will that workstation also show up in Rogue?


                Secondly, when I try to run a query to differentiate  Windows Server machines from Workstations, it returns nothing:\



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                  1) they would have different mac addresses, so should be ok

                  2) you can add the os version field from detected systems data source to your query and filter on this

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                    Great...you are the guru!