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    Issues with Linuxshield


      We are currently trying to install Linuxshield on our servers which are running SUSE Enterprise 10 SP2 with Novell OES SP1.  We are finding that linuxshield is causing the servers to run %100 percent CPU time and creating havoc with our servers.  Here is an email from our server specialists that explain part of the problem:


      1) Because LinuxShield is 3rd party software, it is not integrated into the SLES distribution package management channels. Furthermore, since LinuxShield (as does any virus scanner) requires kernel-version specific modules, version dependencies between operating system (SLES) and virus scanner (LinuxShield) must be manually resolved, often hindering our ability to update our operating systems to Novell's latest released packages.


      2) Both LinuxShield and EPO have displayed a tendency to permanently peg CPU utilization to 100% until manually killed from the command line. This seriously affects performance and availability of services on OES2 Linux.


      Has anyone else experienced this problem?  We are at the point now that we are going to remove McAfee from our servers all together.  I am hoping this is just a configuration issue.


      I was also looking for exclusions for linuxsheild but can't find any in the knowledge base.


      Any help would be appreciated.


      Ken mason