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    Total Protection Serrvice 5.0 - on access scanning vs. speed of laptop PC / Firewall Issues

      I am running 4 licences of this product on a range of PCs and laptops


      FIRSTLY: I have a simple question: is there any way to reduce the slowing down the effect of this function on the spped of operation of the older machines (1.0 Ghz Desktop [1.5 GB PC130 RAM] & 800Mhz laptop [1GB RAM) ) , I can see how to disable on access scanning and also "Maximum percentage  of CPU time allocated for on-demand and scheduled scans:" but this second option does not seem to apply to on access


      SECONDLY: is there any reason for the firewall to remain disabled and for the user not to be able to enable is despite being logged in as admin ( the policy is set for the user to configure the firewall) other machines have no problems - the firewall refuses ot play ball despite using the McAfee EXE to clean up after the unistall


      Many Thanks


      Dr B



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