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    New to epo 4.5: client update question and having apparent SQL database lockup problem

      I had epo 3.6.1 and ended up doing a fresh install of epo 4.5 on a new OS (Windows Server 2008 SP2). I am using SQL Server 2005.


      All was well. I manually inserted all my VirusScan 8.5 and 8.7 policies.


      In added the 4.5 agent and extensions and was able to deploy the agent to about 32 clients.


      I am not doing global updating because we have a lot of subnets and I won't want to identify super agents on each subnet.


      On the weekend, I realized that clients that did not have the VirusScan Autoupdate task enabled where not updating their DATs.


      I read the documentation that said I could create an update task for my clients.

      When I went to create a client task (I picked a system, client tasks ->  New task) there was No autoupdate for Virusscan. There's Product Update.


      I've attached the choices I have for new client tasks


      Question 1: How do you create an agent virusscan update task ? Have I failed to check something in? I used the existing virusscan 8.5 and 8.7 extensions that came with epo 4.5.


      Worse, then when I went to my system tree and clicked on the group where I put most of the my client computers, the server hung.


      I've been able to determine there's something odd sql going on. If I don't have the epo server running I can happily look (using sql studio management) at the epoleafnode table.


      BUT if I look immediately after i start up epo, I can use the SQL activity monitor to see that a select is happening but things deadlocked.


      I stopped the epo services and manually ran the SQL reorganize task, rebuild index and check integrity and nothing turned up.


      It's like something odd happened and I can't look at my system tree. I get the waiting (spinning symbol) when I try.


      Question 2: Any help for this situation??


      Thanks to any and all help!