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    External HD issue



      One of our users has an external USB harddisk. When he connects that drive to a computer not running Endpoint Encryption,

      the device is seen and can be formatted. He can then use this external USB harddisk on any computer that is not running

      Endpoint Encryption.


      He then connects the external USB harddisk to a computer running Endpoint Encryption. The drive is shown, but when he

      wants to view the content of that drive, the message 'The disk in drive X: is not formatted. Do you want to format it

      now?' is displayed.


      When he looks in the Endpoint Encryption status window, the drive is shown as red with the message 'Incorrect Key'.
      In Endpoint Encryption Manager, the drive is shown as 'Drive X (Removable)' with a 'Last reported setting' of 'None'.
      In our policy the 'Removable devices' option is set to 'Never encrypt'.


      Also, the logging shows 'Not encrypting removable drive X:'.


      The weird thing is, that Windows sees this drive as a 'Local Disk' instead of a 'Removable Disk'.


      And it also works the other way around. When he goes ahead and formats this external USB harddisk on the computer with

      Endpoint Encryption, the drive can now be used on this computer. However, when he connects the external USB  harddisk to

      another computer, the drive cannot be used and the 'The disk in drive X: is not formatted. Do you want to format is now?'

      message is shown.


      What could be causing this behaviour? Other external USB harddisks work fine.