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    VSE870P2 and WinSrv2008SP2 - Unexpected Server "Error"

      Hi. We have a strange situation. For first, configuration:


      HP Proliant DL 360 G5

      Windows Server 2008 SP2

      VSE870P1 Engine 5301



      All working good and any problem we have not.


      Then we deside update McAfee software to Patch2 and problems is begin.


      Windows 2008 SP2 servers start to Unexpected not responding.


      System Log is clear, Application Log is clear but server not responding by IP and we nothing can do until hard reset system using HP ILO.


      I think, that reason (may be) in Patch 2 with Engine 5301. May be we need update a engine to version 5400 to. Plaese, tell something about this problems? Someone have some problems like we are?



      P.S. After a successful reboot the server the problem could be repeated two days later on the third.



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