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    Reports for A system

      Hi All,


      I have seen many built in reports like top 10 detected systems, users etc etc, would some one tell me how can i generate a report to see the threats on a particular system


      Suppose i have a server 'X' which is very crictical and i want to monitor its threat status.


      It so hapend with us that we had an Conflicker infection in our network and we wanted to know one particular server was affected or not, when i generated a report i got a whole bunch of systems and i had to scroll down and find this particular server



      appreciate your ideas




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          Which version of ePO are we talking about? Assuming it's 4 or 4.5, then the easiest way would be to make a duplicate of the query you're currently using and add a filter for the machine name you're interested in. You can then save this query should you need it in the future.


          If it's ePO 3.6.1, then when you run the report it will ask you if you want to set any filters: answer Yes here, and then again select the machine name you're interested in in the relevant filter.


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