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      Yesterday I discovered that my pc had been infected with the above virus/worm.  McAfee was unable to remove the whole program/file and I was unable to do so as a message told me that I did have the necessary permission- I presume the file had some built in security that prevented me from doing so. In desperation I deleted the folder the file was sitting in (a public folder on my pc), emptied my recycle bin and then rebooted.  This appears to have done the trick as I ran my virus scan again and this time it did not detect the virus.  Now I admit to not being very technically able when it comes to matters of this nature and it concerns me that this was too easy and that somehow this virus is still lurking hidden on my pc.  Any comments or observations would be welcome.  I would also say how disappointed I am that after shelling out a lot of money for virus protection, that I would have to pay McAfee a lot more money for it to remove a virus. Thanks Peter

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          SorryI forgot to memtion that my other concern is how this managed to slip under the radar when I have my virus protection running all the time, including regular updates.  Obviously there is a hole in my security somewherre!!!



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            Be wary of 'generic' detections. In my opinion, 99% are FALSE positives. I ran into several a few weeks ago. It should have been quarantined. After a few days, you can try using the quarantine manager to restore it, then rescan to see if it's still detected. If you believe it truely is a false, you an also submit it to be checked.