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    Endpoint Encryption Files and Folders breaks Windows 7 Devices and Printers.

      We recently installed Windows 7 upgrade onto our machines at work.  We run Endpoint for PC and we are looking to deploy Encryption Files and Folders but the problem is that it breaks Devices and Printers.  What happens is that you launch it, and then you just get a blank window with a green status bar loading.  The problem is that the none of the device icons ever show.  This only happened after installing Encryption for Files and Folders.


      I did do some research on the internet, and no the issues is not a corrupt windows profile, or that the bluetooth service is disabled, because even when running this issue happens.  I even wiped the Harddrive and then reinstalled Windows.  Devices and Printers were working until I installed Encryption  for Files and Folders.



      Does McAfee have a workaround for this?


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