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    I can not run a manual virus scan, nor can I chat with support

      I have McAfee Security Center.  When I open the Security Center Window it says I am protected, My last update check was today  11/14/09, My last scan was 11/13/09. When I click on Scan the window blinks and it remains the same dashboard. When I click on Basic Menu. I can access the Update link successfully but nothing happen when I click on Scan. I have tried changing my Scan time but it remain at 4 am Friday.  I can not view the scan results window , I can only see the small pop up window from the tool bar....but what use is that if I am asleep at 5:30 am to see the end result?


      I have installed Virtual Technician and EVERYTIME I have to "install  it" to use it...it says everything is everything is functioning properly...it is not I SAY!


      What ever do I do?