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    Password filters

      Has anybody used a third party windows password filter with SafeBoot? And, if so, did it work?

      I'm considering using either SpecOps Password Policy or nFront Password Filter but if anybody has any better suggestions, I'm listening :)


      P.S. Probably don't need to mention this but I will, of course, be working in an AD environment.
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          We have customers using SafeBoot with Password Policy Enforcer. They haven't reported any problems. At least one has been using the two together since 2006.

          I think PPE is better than SpecOps and nFront, but that's hardly an unbiased opinion. Take a look and decide for yourself www.anixis.com/products/ppe/

          If it comes down to SpecOps or nFront, then SpecOps is the better of the two.
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            Thanks for the response. I'll take a look at Password Policy Enforcer as well. Having read through your website, I can see why you'd recommend SpecOps rather nFront - I'll be checking on performance impact as part of my evaluation.

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              Checking passwords is a trivial task for a modern computer. None of the rules should have a noticeable performance impact except for the Dictionary rule. It's only when you are searching through a few (or a few hundred) megabytes that it will make a difference.

              Good luck with your evaluation, I hope you find a product that does exactly what you want.