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    May Not Be Fully Protected Error - Tried everything I found on the forum & no luck

      Every time I turn on my computer, my McAfee Security Center says that I am not protected and I have to click on "Fix" to correct the problem.  It says that the problem is that my real-time scanning is disabled along with some other services. 


      We have Windows XP SP3, IE 7.0, a cable modem, and no other virus protection programs.  We do have the CCleaner program installed and have McAfee Security Center 9.15.


      After this started I read that it might be an incompatibility with Windows Defender so I uninstalled it but no help there.


      I ran Microsoft Malicious Software Removal Tool and found no problems and ran MVT - Session ID was 21813486 - said it found 2 problems and fixed one.  The one that couldn't be fixed was 1 service that wasn't running.


      I found in the FAQ section that it may be necessary to uninstall and reinstall McAfee (TS100511)

      Based on the solutions I found here for similar problems, I uninstalled McAfee Security Center, then ran the MCPR.exe program to completely remove the program, rebooted and reinstalled McAfee Security Center.  I ran the updater, did a full system scan and found nothing.  The next day, we are back to experiencing the same issues again!

      Ran MVT again – Session ID was 21874589, but IU had already clicked FIX before running MVT – it found not problems this time, yet some of our scanning services are stopping at random.