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    I have vundo.gen.ab

      How do i use the stinger program , win Xp s3



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          I got it to run drive full , will be hoping it's the answer thought this was gone a week ago . What' the deal , up to date  everything and had run full scans atleast 3 times ?

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            Is McAfee detecting vundo.gen.ab on your system?  If not, how did you determine that this threat is on your system?


            Any additional information you can provide such as what product you are using, what dat file is installed, etc. would be helpful to work with you on this issue.

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              The latest MacAfee that I could down load and yes it did find it and It seemed to be gone for a few days (3) and was't showing up for those days ?

              I don't know what dat file I have or had , but I did get the stinger to run twice now and my hard drive is accessable and it's still full . What do I do reload

              XP and start over again ? I got the Quick books files I needed ,But I swear It was up to date and running like it wants to In protected mode . Is there something I don't know about running protection , I have ad-aware it was on and current . The only reason I left the machine on was because I couldn't stay and wait for it to finish scanning (Ad-Awear) none of the other machine's I have got it . It didn't have it when I left the shop , but did when I got back . Thanks for your help