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    Changing error templates and image files

      Is there any good documentation on how to change error templates or images on the Web Gateway appliance?  I found the location under configuration > File Management, but I'm not sure how to make the changes.  Thanks.

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          basically you can download all the templates from the GUI as you have mentioned. The downloaded file is an archive containing a lot of HTML files, which actually are the error pages displayed in the browser. You can use any HTML or Text-Editor to modify the pages to suite your needs, but basic HTML skills are helpful to achieve some good results.


          The Reference Guide that you can download from the GUI on Home -> Manuals or the Extranet contains a lot of hints like:


          - Which templates are available and when are they shown

          - Which variable are available within the templates


          After you have modified your templates you will create an archive again and upload that archive on Configuration -> File Management. After a restart the changed Templates will be shown.


          What kind of documentation exactly are you looking for?




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            I guess the part I am missing is that I need to compress the files again and then upload.  Do I need to include all the files again when I upload the package, or can I just upload the files I change?  Thanks for your help on this.

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              Jon Scholten

              Hi bjurgens,


              You do not need to upload every error template file that is contained in the archive downloaded from the web interface, but you will need to compress any files you do modify into an archive and maintain the directory tree that the original archive had. Meaning if the blockpages are at the top of the directory tree, then this should be reflected in the structure of the archive tree as well.


              Also as a tip, if you want to reload the block pages to see the updated look and feel, you can perform the following from the command line:

              ssh admin@ -p 9092 reload templates


              After which you will recieve a prompt for your McAfee Web Gateway (Webwasher) GUI password (for the admin account in my example), you must make sure that the Secure Administration shell is enabled under Configuarion > Secure Administration, also making sure that a 'Server Host Key' has been generated.


              The Secure Administration Shell allows for command line config changes that otherwise would require a restart of the McAfee Web Gateway (Webwasher) service. For more information type 'help' once logged into the Admin shell. If you do not wish to keep the Secure Admin Shell enabled you can disable it after completing the above command or you can restrict access to it.


              Best Regards,


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                Awesome!  Thank you so much everyone for your help.



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