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    Security Scan blocking




      My Service Desk is being hit with calls about the Nag screens that McAfee Security Scan pops to your desktop.  Can I use a VirusScan Access Protection Rule to block this program from installing or running?


      My company has VirusScan deployed and we don't want or need this program.  Yes, we already know that Adobe is sneaking this onto our systems.

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          You can block this application with HIPS module in the block applications tab, or you can block with acces protection module too, you can make a user rule define, wtih the .exe application, port what this program use, etc..

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            Our system too is protected by Viruscan Enterprise and yet users are complaining about McAfee Security Scan messages.


            It is bad enough that 'reputable' software houses McAfee and Adobe are trying to trick users to install McAfee Security Scan without fully realising it.


            What is completely unnacceptable is that it will install even alongside a system with EPO and Viruscan Enterprise in place - when it is clearly not needed.


            Far from being a marketing tool, this is putting this professional off McAfee altogether.


            FIX IT McAfee.


            Stephen Solt

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              I understand your frustrationa nd hope the below helps.


              The application is installed with Adobe Flash as per default. To not install it, deselect this option from the Adobe Flash installation screen.


              If it has already been installed, you can remove it by uninstalling this (McAfee) component from Add/remove programs.





              on 03/03/10 09:51:35 GMT
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                Well... Thats not a lot of help.....

                Clearly you didn't understand the problem.


                We (ePo admins) would like to use one of our existing Mcafee programs to stop the installation, so we dont need to tell our not-so-IT minded users, to be aware when installing adobe software.


                Regards Jacob