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      Hi Larry (Ex_Brit)

      I am sure by now I am on your nerves with trying to get the update check date to change after I recieve a automatic update.You had said McAfee is aware of this problem.I worked with Tech Support for day's no resolution.Again If I do I manual update check the date changes.I feel like I purchased a new car but the radio dosen't work.Is there any e-mail address I can write to at McAfee.I picked up a few e-mail addresses from the support page, but they go unanswered.I woulds like to hear from McAfee about this annoying problem.I want everything to work like it is supposed to.


      Thanks Again


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          All you can do is ask Technical Support Chat to escalate the case.




          It's Peter by the way.

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            Sorry about the name Peter.I worked with Tech support for the last 2 weeks, they have no clue to the problem.No need to reply I guess I will wait this 1 problem out.I got a Automatic Update & the date changed.I guess I can pretty much rule my computer out.




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              I'll add this to the agenda of our Monday Conference Call with McAfee.   See what they say....again.

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                I apprecxiate Peter.Have a good weekend.



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                  Thanks and you too Steve.

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                    One of the technicians has suggested this:


                    Mclogs Windows XP


                    c:\document and setting\all user\application data\McAfee


                    Windows Vista or Win 7





                    Run Mer tool (Document ID: TS100049)


                    1.     Download MERTool_2_1_7.zip and save this file to your desktop:

                    http://download.mcafee.com/products/licensed/cust_support_patches/MERTool_2_1_7. zip

                    2.     Extract the MERTool_2_1_7.zip to your desktop.

                    3.     Locate the file mertool.exe on your desktop and double-click to run it.

                    4.     The MERTool will create a file called Results.tgz, please select where you wish this file to be created.

                    Note: It is recommended that you create this file on the desktop.

                    5.     Click Save. This process will take approximately 5 minutes.


                    Attach the logs zipped to your reply along with a screen shot if possible of the Security Center.



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                      Hi Peter,

                      I followed the directions & ran that mer tool.It took 5 minutes just like you said.I don't see the log when it finished.Is this to be a fix or just something for the tech to look at.I am not that great on the computer, however it did run.I don't see the log.If I go to all users application data/McAfee I see the MSC file that has a log in it.It has alot of text documents but when I look at the date they were created on 11/8/09. The only files it put in the log created today is 1 DAT files EVENTS.DAT Is that what you guy's want to look at. Peter I should have told you that as the day goes on & I check the sercurity center the DATE does change.Don't Be Mad at me,If that is how the program is supposed to run I can deal with that.I thought like other versions when you get a automatic update the sercuity center Update Check Date would change immediatly.Also Peter the files was mer tool 2_1_5  not 2_1_7.I am trying to send you the folder MSC that has that Events.dat file.I don't know how to send you the folder but I am making a attempt to get you the files created today.

                      Sorry I didn't Provide you with all the data.I thought the Update Check on the main sercurity page changes as soon as you get a automatic update.1 day the date didn't chage the next morning the date changed just fine I think I told you that.


                      You Did Alot Of Work for me & I REALLY APPRECIATE Peter.

                      Thanks A Million


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                        Hi Peter,

                        You know at the bottom of the main security page it say's Confiure & About.When I hit about I can see by the virus scan the last update was 11/1709 & the DAT number increases correctly.I ran that mertool I thought the date would change on the main page.It say's last update check 11/16/09.But again if I look at the virus scan when I hit about I see it did recieve the update.Now as the day goes on what usually happens is the date on the main page will change to today's date.Again I thought that after you get a update the date should change immediatly.Am I wrong or should it change when you recieve a automatic update.

                        I am glad it is just the date compared to what I see other people going through.The date will change eventually.Again I thought that after I ran the mertool that the date would change.


                        Thanks Again,


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                          "Update Check" & "Last Scan" should reflect things correctly.  I may have given you the wrong tool.


                          Run this one to get the logs and attach them to your reply:


                          Download and save MCLOGS.exe from
                          [note: make sure that when you click on this URL, you get the whole thing -- it
                          ends with MCLOGs.exe]
                          Double click on the MCLOGS.exe
                          Have it save the result on your desktop.

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