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    Faulting Applications

      Ever since McAfee pushed out version 5 I started getting faulting applications on my domain controllers. 3 of their applications that are generating application faults in event viewer: TOPSConsole.exe, UpdDlg.exe and myAgtSvc.exe. Also they eventually quit updating automatically and I have to manually update them or uninstall and reinstall, which means restarting my domain controllers.


      I've opened up a ticket with McAfee and they told me it was fixed, three different times, but it isn't.


      Is anyone getting these error messages?

      If so have you found a fix?

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          Just for the record, I am also getting these Faulting Applications - and it only seems to occur to servers rather than workstations.


          Faulting application UpdDlg.exe, version, faulting module ntdll.dll, version 5.2.3790.4455, fault address 0x0004cde2.

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            This is possibly a known issue which should be resolved in Patch 4 for Total Protection 5. This patch is expected to be released approximately December / January.


            However, to confirm you are experiencing the same issue, please view my instructions in a similar thread and contact Technical Support with the relevant information.



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              Thanks Mohamed,

              I will need to schedule this in as I cannot reboot the servers without notifications going out.

              Will repost once I have followed the steps from your other thread.


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                Thanks for your help. I will contact McAfee support after gathering the information you indicated in the other post.


                If this issue is not going to be corrected until December/January time frame is McAfee going to let me use a different product until it is resolved. I'm only having this problem on my domain controllers, which are my most important computers, and I'm having to monitor all my domain controllers to make sure that they are getting updated automatically because eventually any DC that has this issue quits getting updates. If one of my DC gets infected this could potentially lead to all PCs in my domain getting infected.


                When I called in to McAfee's tech support my assumption was that this problem would be fixed sooner than December/January.


                Thanks for your help and if you please would let whoever is working on this issue know that I for one think the time frame for this fix is way too long.

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                  Hi Dave


                  Thank you so much for your feedback. I shall relay this to the relevant teams.


                  My recommendation to log a call with Tech Support with the relevant information is so that we can see the numbers for these types of cases.


                  I'm sure this case is being worked on as a high priority/severity but the number of cases can also assist in pushing towards a fix more quicker (assuming that your case is the same issue, which would need to be confirmed through analysis of the MER and dump files)


                  Also, there could be a possibility that the fix gets released earlier to customers who are experiencing the issue but I cannot guarantee this.

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                    I had a case open on this since October 2nd and I did call in again today, maybe this will help.


                    Thanks for your help.

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                      It is now December 21st. and this issue still has not been resolved by Mcafee.  I continue to get event errors on my 2003 Server such as "Faulting application myAgtSvc.exe, version, faulting module rpcrt4.dll, version 5.2.3790.4502, fault address 0x000324ed."


                      Does anyone know if Mcafee has a definate ETA on a fix for this problem with Version 5.